Relationship Building

Goal: Better sustain and maintain long-term relationships

FarmHouse has been an essential part of my development of social interaction. The group of exceptional friends and brothers allowed me to truly improve my skills in sustaining and maintain relationships. Even aside from the guys in the house, I have been able to make many new friends and stay in contact. A method that I have been really working on utilizing is turning regular chores or tasks into social activities, such as shopping or even going to the gas station to pick something up. Previously to my junior year, I was extremely focused on my academics and professional success at the expense of my social life. Similar to my self-management skill improvements, I have reprioritized relationship building and maintenance.

When I set this goal on creation of the personal development plan, I anticipated having to”overhaul” the way in which I handled my social life and relationships. Quite the opposite came true. As I realized, with the help of my good friends in the house, was that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. In example, leaving my door open when I am in my room very much increases the number of “social visits” that happen. Also, I now typically make daily or weekly rounds around the house to make sure that I am connecting or at least seeing most of the brothers in the house.

A key to the success in my improvement of this skill can be attributed to the willingness and openness of the guys in the house. They supported me with my many initiatives and activities that I choose to pursue. Particularly during the most stressful time of the year, they were there to calm me down and stand with me during the tough times. The support network that I have been able to be a part of the past three years will surely help me build and sustain similar networks in the future.