The following Table, Skills and Attributes Results summarizes which Leadership program element or experience specifically demonstrates my growth in each of the 11 relevant areas.

Skill/Attribute Leadership Objective Evidence (outside websites)
Self-Awareness Increase my understanding of different cultures and develop an opinion on current “hot topic” social issues EOL 199
Self-Management Learn how to make some space in my calendar for more “non-structured” activities ExplorACES
Interpersonal Development
Relationship Building Better sustain and maintain long-term relationships FarmHouse
Communication Skills Pursue a Communications minor Communication minor
Ethical Practices Become more comfortable and better understand persons with differing ethical values and backgrounds. Integrity/AgEd 380
Team Development Understand the dynamics, complexities and value that go into creating an enjoyable and fun team, and how to create such an environment Hormel Foods
Organizational/Group Development
Leading Change Understand and learn the most effective techniques for getting others to want to help with something I think is important Dining Services
Project and Program Effectiveness Focus on success and purpose of events iHelp
Systems Thinking Think broadly and remember how many different aspects all go into a single decision Interactive Digital Signage
Community Building Focus on building a welcoming and positive community. Best Buddies
Transitional Development
Sustaining Leadership Learn how to use good leadership practices in extremely stressful situations LeaderShape